Change is inevitable,
except from a
vending machine


Coin operated vending machines have been a profitable and scalable business opportunity for over a century.

Penny Junction is a leading operator of stand-alone coin operated vending machines throughout Australia. We wholesale coin operated mechanical vending machines, bubblegum, bouncing balls, capsules and toys.

Catering To All Vending Needs


Coin Operated Vending Machines

Imported high quality mechanical vending machines.

Quality Imported Bubble Gum

Long lasting colourful bubble gums in tasty flavours.

Exclusive Bouncing Ball Range

An exclusive range of bouncing balls in multiples sizes and styles.

Unique Various Capsuled Toys

Premium selection of functional capsulted toys in mulitple sizes.

Service & Support Facility

Full support, supplies and repaires available throughout Australia.

Our History

Our history in vending began in the 1940s when the late Jack Dow created the first coin operated kiddie ride, the Rocking Horse.

Dow Manufacturing operated over 1000 machines between the 1950s and 1980s an evolved into Novelvend and finally MME Pty Ltd which operated Talking Capsule Vendor Machines throughout the Kmart, Target, Coles and Safeway chains in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Penny Junction Australia Pty Ltd founded in 1994 introduced coin operated train sets to the major shopping centres throughout Victoria, NSW and SA. We now operate and wholesale bulk vending machines and products as well as operate Chocolate, Plush Toy, Big Ball and Gumball machines.

In 2009 we bought and now own and operate Australia's largest name in vending, Scanlens. We are proud to say we are continuing to grow this bulk vending phenomenon.

We are now a one stop shop for all bulk vending products and can offer high quality stock at reasonable prices. Knowing that the end user gets terrific value for money increases product turnover and ensures repeat business for both us and our clientele.

We offer the best price, expert sales and service and can supply to all areas of Australia. The fact we are operators of bulk vending machines enables us to know what products are likely to produce higher gross revenue.

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